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Organizzi develops a customized, hands-on, functional training for maids



“I have known Fabiola for the past three years. I have a very high regard for her as she is very kind and has many good qualities as testified by excellent references she gets from others people.I first came into contact with her when I was organizing a birthday party for my son. From the outset she instilled into me to have complete competence in her, and I was not disappointed with the final outcome. I was very pleasantly surprised and impressed with her creativity and organization skills.I have witnessed her organizing several others events very success fully.I my opinion Fabiola always delivers high quality work and she is an excellent professional, I recommend her without hesitation.”

Joseli Alcure – Doctor

“Dear Fabíola, we have no words to say thank you for the beautiful job you did at our home.”

Bianca Parzanezi – Personal Style

“I have met Fabiola in Dubai about five years ago. I soon realized what an amazing person she is; we grew together spiritually, organized several events for charities, for the Brazilian Embassy, year-end parties and celebrations. Fabiola, in a humble, natural way, always made things happen. Being an organized, meticulous person, she was always chosen as the lead. It was three years of close companionship and a friendship for life. I have learned and will continue to learn a lot from her. Wish her great success!”

Alessandra Achilles

“Congratulations on Organizzi, Fabíola. It’s an old dream you made come true. No one else could have done it better than you. Among all of your many qualities, this is certainly the best.”

Micheli Campagnaro de Souza Carvalho – Corporate Accounts Manager, Telefônica

“Fabíola has a careful, critical and accurate outlook on everything, which makes her the perfect organization and planning professional. Her business management expertise has further developed such skills. I have seen Fabiola coordinate several organization processes, and the results have exceeded expectations.”

Rita de Cassia Mamede – Corporate Image Management, AICI, CNCP, OICP

“Fabíola has a strong will, striking personality, as well as high principles and values. I greatly admire her!”

Marcia Vicente Curcio Egashira – Doctor

“Fabiola, thanks a lot for the huge change that Organizzi made in our apartment. It looks amazing and we can definitely live better now with everthing in place and organized. Great investment! Keep up the good work! Highly recommended!”

Marco Aurélio Silva – Entrepreneur

“Organizing my home has brought me great mental and spiritual hygiene, as well as balance, purity and energy into my house and for my family. I feel great pleasure being at home! And I have reaped several other benefits: I no longer buy anything in excess, make better use of what I have, and I don’t waste time looking for things.”

Giulliana Zangari

“I have worked with Fabíola Campagnaro for four years. Her main features are competence, honesty and ethics, which always stand out in everything she does. Fabíola makes the difference, she is a great professional!”

Maria Madalena Fraga Lorenção – Urban Department Director

“I always wanted to have a bit more organization in my house. With Organizzi I realized the power of tidiness and organization had on all the family. Thank you Fabiola for make it happen!”

Tarek Rabah – Vice President Middle East & Africa at AstraZeneca

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